Life without TV

I think I made up my mind. I no longer have the want or need for cable television. Took the first step today by returning the digital HD DVR to Cox. The only reason to keep the box was for the digital music channels (yes, I’m that addicted to music). Although, I don’t get pricing levels. Price for the HD DVR and 6mb/s internet: $127.58. Price for expanded basic and 6 mb/s internet: $99 and change, or $47.95 for the cable alone. That’s really disproportionate. I watch 1 or 2 hours of TV per week — yes, that little — but can always catch up on those online. And there are also great services like Netflix for movies, Hulu to catch up on previous seasons, and all the major networks keep the current season streaming on demand. So, why should I pay $50/month for cable?



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  1. Anonymous

    hey good for you
    i’ve been cable free for 4 years now
    well except when i am house sitting at my brother’s place..but then i find myself channel surfing and i never used to do that..there is nothing on of interest truly on the 500 channels..i use my tv to watch rentals..some of which are tv shows..especially shows on movie channels like showtime or HBO


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