Long time comin’

Happy Independence Day!

It’s been over a month since I last wrote. Amazing how time gets away from you. In that time I’ve taken a vacation, saw some family, some friends, some fish, and some art. Not necessarily in that order. Picked up some new music. Blue Merle rocks. They’re a combination of Coldplay, John Mayer, and Dave Matthews Band. I highly suggest picking up their album if you haven’t already. I do need to give a shout to Viajeros, an Latino acoustic duo that’s played the last few weekends at Club Swank in Orlando. You guys rock! And the club has a great 1940’s Frank Sinatra atmosphere and a sweet tiki bar. But that’s all mundane news.

It’s amazing how life knows when you settled into routine and need your view rattled a bit. In the past two months four jobs presented themselves — two related to my current job, one in NYC, and another doing what I want to be doing in a few years. NYC is right out since I have no desire to be in the City. Just not my kind of place. One that’s related to my job I don’t think I’d be happy doing, and the other one I applied for just to see what would happen. My interest in it is high, but I don’t know about living in the West. Never seen Vegas. Been to CA twice. That’s my experience in the west. Guess I’m an east coast kinda gal who’s been up and down this side of the land and feels comfortable. I know full well that I need to push the limits of comfort in order to gain what you want and usually that involves giving something up. I refuse to give up my identity and self to gain what I want, though.



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