Still Managing

Today. One odd day. The Zappos death plague struck the IA department, leaving me — the greenest of the bunch — to hold down the fort. Which didn’t go so bad until right before leaving. There was a critical broken link that needed immediate attention, and it was something beyond my limited skills and knowledge. I ended up leaving it go for a few minutes more than I should have (time = $$$), so I’m chalking that one up to a learning experience. Thanks Murphy!

I also had a great afternoon session that involved mapping out searches and how the tools interact with them. How the taxonomy fit in there was about as clear as mud, but that’s to be expected at this stage of the game. It was very eye opening and humbling to the amount of information I need to learn. Again.

In some ways, this new job overwhelms me. From what I can tell (read: not professionally diagnosed), I probably have Asperger’s Syndrome. New social situations can spook me. Zappos is a very social company, and there are times where I need ‘alone time’ to recharge (yay, available nap room if needed!). I miss social cues, take things too literally, and dislike small talk because often can’t find the words when I speak — even though my mind knows what I need to say. I tend to fixate on subjects, learning all the facts about them but sometimes missing the bigger picture. It’s not pretty all the time, but it’s me and I’m finding ways to cope with it at my job. Especially a new job where I’m figuring out a new routine.

So, these probably won’t be the typical posts for Library Day In The Life, but then again I don’t have your ‘normal’ library job, work in a ‘normal’ library environment, or have a ‘normal’ outlook towards the world. Anyway, I hope it gives you some insight and thoughts about a non-traditional library job. It’s very rewarding, both mentally and (usually) financially.

Photo: “Too Sick” by Alexandre Normand used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.



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