First, let me say that I am not a Mathelete, nor will I ever be one. The more I study for the GRE’s, the more I realize how much my mind lost about basic high school math. Even with practise, I still can’t seem to get above the 30 percentile on the section. It’s very frustrating since my verbal scores are on the high-side, and the math is going to bring the whole test down. Come to think of it, the analytical writing scares me a bit as well. I don’t criticize arguements very well since I’m not always logical. I guess that’s what happens when you’re a bit of an artist and a wordsmith.

The second issue of the day is VOTE DAMMIT! Make your voice heard. Whether you support Bush, Cobb, Kerry, or Nader, make sure you get to the polls (or at least obtain and send in your absentee ballot). This election will probably be closer than 2000’s, so every vote counts. Also, even though it is a presidential election year, do not forget about electing your Senators and Representatives. Without a cohesive governmental unit, nothing gets done. The Senate rejects a Representative bill; the president vetoes a senate motion. Look for those people who will work towards what issues that most concern you and vote them into office. I’m more concerned with what goes on below the figurehead than what the chief does! VOTE!

Other than that, things are slowly returning to some semblance of normal. We’re making up the missed work days this week. The debris is still being cleaned up in some areas, but it’s mostly gone here. Most windows shed their plywood coverings two weeks ago, and we’re now into fall weather. The temperature almost (but not quite) calls for a sweatshirt at night, which for me is a welcome change to the high humidity and soaring temperatures. I do miss the fall weather and changing leaves in the Poconos. I have a feeling that I’ll get to see them in person next year…



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