I must be the most individual person out there looking to go to grad school. I spent over two hours researching scholarships, grants, and fellowships today only to find that money-wise I am in the minority. I don’t have hemophilia. My decendents were not signers of the Declaration of Independence, civil war soldiers, or affected by “the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001.” My race is not black/African American, Armenian, or Japanese. I possess no military background, nor am I blind. Still childless (yay!), I am not a single mother living in California. According to most, my current yearly income places me way above the need/financial distress category, never mind that once I return to school my income will drop well below $10,000.

Does this make sense to anyone else? It seems as if the average white person who wants to attend college is now discriminated against. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still for helping the less fortunate — and that’s many people — but a point is reached when a common education is out of reach for the once privilidged class. Face it, it’s downright expensive to attend an institution of higher education. Bush and his croonies open their pie-holes and drivel on about funding for education, yet the budget is cut more and more every year. Does he not see what leadership he provides for today’s children? Does the President of the United States of America forget that these are the people who will take care of him when he’s in a nursing home and can’t wipe his own ass? This is the government comprised of the same people wanting Florida’s state-backed university students to pay for 15 credits even if they only take 9.

If we, as a country, are to strive once again for greatness, the education system will come to terms with the rising costs that place higher education out of reach for many people. Like the NHL, salaries and tuitions will hit a point where a cap is put in place. All of a sudden the school season is cancelled, the universities lose all their players, and some will be forced to shut down. Is that really the direction we want to be headed?



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