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Photoshop Static
Photoshop Static

As you can tell, we’re still remodeling. This is a great theme, but it takes a bit of graphics editing to change colors and header text. Eventually this will not say Vertigo Theme. Which normally would be an hour of work in Photoshop, but there’s a bug.  Alas, I have uninstalled and reinstalled CS4 in hopes of remedying this problem to no avail. Every time I try to draw a simple box or select part of the graphic, I get this screen. I have to close the drawing, which is better than crashing the entire computer. Before the reinstall, it wouldn’t even let me force quit the program or get the dock when in this state. Adobe knowledge base is a wreck and rather unsearchable. In fact, it’s a knowledge manager/librarian’s worst nightmare. I’m thinking that it may have something to do with my graphics card, but slim since Illustrator works just fine when working with many layers. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Here are the computer specs:

Adobe CS4 Web Premium full install

Mac OS 10.4.11 (all Apple released updates are applied)

2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 3GB RAM

NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT graphics card



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I'm an Information Architect and Taxonomist in the greater Philadelphia, PA area. Mad about metadata. Incessant organizer. Knowledge monger. Information seeker. Wisdom chaser. Curiosity has yet to kill this cat!

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  1. 2009/01/04

    Hi Sara,

    I’ve been following along on twitter and checking out your blog as you continue to work on it. I’ve been learning a lot and it’s been fun to see your blog grow. I like the new look!


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