NetLibrary incompatabilites

I’d like to try downloading audiobooks. Problem is, NetLibrary doesn’t support Macintosh or iPods. The eAudioBooks and eBooks get DRM encodings only recognized by Windows-based machines. Funny thing is that their recommended program, Windows Media Player, is also made for Macs. But it doesn’t support the DRM. Same program, different protocols. Seems like they’re missing out on a market share. And no iPod compatibilities? The single most popular personal audio player in the U.S.A. (and possibly the world) is not supported. That’s a huge market share. I don’t know why, but I’m speculating the reason has something to do with Apple’s DRM issues. I’m sure there’s some type of conversion program out there so that they can play, but I haven’t found it yet. Then again, digging time is limited. Maybe soon. I can hope.

Addendum @ 1:45 a.m.:
I found the Highland Park Public Library’s page provides a great, concise explanation of the incompatibilites.



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