No Grey Hair

I skim through music sites almost every day. Tonight I found Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits. Remastered. This started me thinking:

Hmm… Why is it already remastered? I reviewed this album when it was released, and I was in high school.  I bought the cassette tape at K-Mart. Wait… that’s… fifteen years ago.  Fifteen?!?  $!&# I’m getting old.

In reality, I don’t feel that old. In fact, the past few nights at the various CES parties about half the attendees were older and the other half younger. It’s weird to think that 25 years ago I was programming BASIC to make text repeat on the screen ad nauseum.  33 and 45 RPM records were just starting to lose popularity. Chrysler prepared to release the mini-van. The PC’s humble beginning was launched with the Commodore 64. Michael Jackson and his sequined glove shot to #1 on the charts. I had Pac-Man fever.  Dad replenished my Crayola interior design kit (complete with mini-drafting board, slide rule, and squares) almost weekly with drafting paper, new mechanical pencils, and the white non-smudge erasers.  My dad would by the family a DOS computer five years later. Yes. DOS. No windows. File paths and hierarchies. List all. Stop at ever page. Ahh, the simple days!

I was a geek at 7 years old, but it never occurred to me.  As a kid, if I found it fun to play with computers. As an adult, I find it fun to work with computers. I still love music and drawing (okay, oil painting). Creativity still reigns and it keeps me young. An insatiable thirst for information and the new keeps me fresh. I refuse to get grey hairs simply because I’m older.



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I'm an Information Architect and Taxonomist in the greater Philadelphia, PA area. Mad about metadata. Incessant organizer. Knowledge monger. Information seeker. Wisdom chaser. Curiosity has yet to kill this cat!

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  1. Eric

    I almost posted this when we tlaked about e-books earlier, but I figure this would be a good fit here as well. Your DOS reference made me think of the hours I killed on Zork and it’s pretty, pretty cousin Myst so many years ago. Well, Everything old is new again. They have been renamed Interactive Fiction and have become very popular on the iPhone.

    Sadly, “The Great Underground Empire: A History” is not one of the titles available.

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