Not Forgotten…

It’s been an interesting month to say the least. A whole bunch of little things prevented me from actually updating the blog until now, even though I wanted to do it last week. But Vegas gets in the way and then complicates issues even more.

As many of you know if you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, I detest big media and the privledged few telling the masses what they need to know. This also trickles into the realms of reader privacy and digital privacy as well. What I am writing now is public, meant for anyone to read; an email to a friend is private, a conversation between two people that is password protected at the very least. The one thing I learned volunteering in a library is to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. It is not my concern as to what type of books, videos, or music people borrow, nor is it my concern what they look at on the internet terminal (as long as it isn’t pornographic). Keeping your eyes on what you are doing and not what others are doing is key to getting along in life. I stay out of other people’s business, emails, web surfing, reading, conversations, and lives unless they specifically ask for my opinion. Also, when I accidentally see something that I’m not supposed to, I (1) keep my mouth shut or (2) confront the person who authored the letter, email, artwork, etc. There may be other reasons to why that is there, including a way to vent and never have the person/event/whatever be affected when it is destroyed. Common courtesy dictates that you don’t stick your nose into places where it doesn’t belong, because in the end you’ll come out smelling like a skunk.

Respect breeds respect. Guess I’m too naive in the way of trusting people. I believe everyone should be trusted and will trust them until given a reason to not. I think Ben Folds sang it best, “It seems to me if you can’t trust, you can’t be trusted.” ‘Nuff said.



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