I’m amazed by the amount of real estate professionals turned social media gurus that I have encountered on Twitter.  I understand that both areas contain a ROI and involve communicating, but what I don’t understand is why many do not use social media tools to promote the properties for sale.  Many people talk about branding and quick money, but it takes a well-thought plan and tons of work to see even the smallest return.  I, as an individual, will not see $10,000 this year simply from blogging. I am ignorant in how social media experts are paid, but my guess is that they get paid for a contract and not on commissions. I know that real estate is at rock bottom right now and many agents are looking for other sources of income. Some of the real estate social media experts are great in both areas, but many fall short in both fields.  If most of these real estate/social media people put half of the effort into meeting potential clients face to face as they did trying to promote their image social media sites, my guess is that they would make a lot more money.  Trust can start virtually but needs to be solidified in reality. For that hour put into writing the blog, go out and take pictures of a new property. Write a new description for the add. Research new methods of advertising. Create a flyer to place into a tube under the for sale sign. Social media is a tool to facilitate your message. Social media is not the message.


In other news, I fixed Photoshop so that I could finish the graphics (as you can see!).  Also, Google is making its foray into the Semantic Web. I knew it was coming, but I didn’t expect to see it until next year. Very interesting stuff!



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  1. 2009/01/06

    Hi Sarah! I like the new look. Wish I had your skills. Hopefully when I have time and gain some more web development skills I’ll bring my template-lookin’ blog up to date. 🙂

    • 2009/01/07

      Awww, shucks… Thanks Lindy! It comes with practice. And I’ll let you in on a secret — this is a template as well, but I’ve modified the CSS and graphics to differentiate it. I’ve been coding HTML since 1994 (!), and my first page had blinking and scrolling text in rainbow colors. Hee, hee!

  2. Mercurywaxing (Eric)

    I have two BIG BIG real estate friends. One works on multimillion dollar properties on the Gold Coast of CT and multihundredsofmillion dollar buildings in NYC. They are going to the net and social blogging because they have nothing to do. Nobody is interested in showings, and aren’t looking at the ads so new copy will do nothing. Very few homes are going on the market that aren’t repossessions or handled in some way by banks because prices are below the loans. They have nothing to do, nobody to meet and a large backlog of properties. All they can do is sit back, fish for new clients over the net, maybe try a new venture, and hope something sticks. Keep in mind that the real estate market varies greatly by location so I am making no sweeping claims with this, just noting what I’m told is happening where I live.

    As for the Semantic Web, I’ve noticed my Operator addon for Firefox has been getting way more hits lately. It’s exciting!

    • 2009/01/07

      I’m sure this is very true for a lot of them, but your friends don’t seem like the “real estate sucks right now so I’m going to promote a get-rich-quick scheme.” Those are the ones that get me the most. Mini Ponzi schemes. The intelligent agents will use the social media to build relationships and gather ideas for when the market improves.

  3. 2009/01/13

    So Sara what do you think of Social Media sites specifically for real estate professionals?

    • 2009/01/13

      Hi, Charles. Thanks for dropping by. I have no problems with social media sites specifically for real-estate professionals because they form a community where ideas can be exchanged — just like any other professional site. Social media is a tool for learning, implementing, and evaluating. In order for social media to draw in new clients, there has to be a certain level of trust and expertise. I have a problem with the real-estate agent turned social media “expert” turned SEO since they are chasing the money instead of trying to make a difference or a connection.

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