On my way

Baby steps lead to giant leaps.

Nothing is definite except that I’ve acquired a lot of stuff living down here for six years. I moved to Florida in a car and would need a 15′ truck to get me out of here, so I’m working on consolidating (read: Ebay and Goodwill) everything. This weekend two boxes became one because the old textbooks were a bit out of date. No sense in keeping them, so out to the curb they migrate. Next week I’m going through another bin in hopes of cutting the contents in half. Next to the closet for clothing and shoes that haven’t been worn in the past year. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a box a weekend for the next month. If I can make it out of this state in a 10′ truck, I’ll be extremely happy. Amazingly in a preliminary pricing, a DIY truck rental one-way with a trailer is less than $600. Very manageable.

As for the other goals, I’m on my way to achieving them. Got my new library card for the county that I currently live in so that I can use the library that’s 5 miles up the road in a different county. Yes, I’d have to pay if I did not have the Polk county card to use Lake county’s libraries. It’s a bit strange how Florida works things, but yet it makes sense. Most public use facilities (schools, libraries, etc.) are separate and governed by counties instead of the local communities they serve. It goes along with the naming and numbering of the roads as well. For example, 192 is also known as Vine Street, Irlo Bronson Highway, and also Main Street (if I remember correctly) between Kissimmee and St. Cloud. I’m sure it has other names beyond St. Cloud, but I don’t want to find out. My head spins from that!

Stopped in at the local library (in Lake county on 192 et. al.) to inquire about volunteer opportunities as well. Unfortunately the branch manager was not in at 4 p.m., so I’ll have to stop in tomorrow or Wednesday morning. I want to make sure that this career change is what I want to be doing before I spend any money on a master’s degree.

Ivan finally hit central Florida today. His remnants made it off the northeastern coast and got sucked back down to where he began by the weird jet stream. Everyone is slowly recovering from the hurricanes. I went to the local home improvement store in a box and they were still out of 16D nails. Three weeks now. It’s time to find the little mom-and-pop hardware store to buy the dozen 3″ and two dozen 1.5″ nails that I need to fix the fence.

Overall, things currently chug along smoothly (knock on wood). It’s amazing what can be accomplished when a plan is set in place.



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