Open Letter

An open letter to my future husband (whomever you may be):

We are eloping. No fancy dresses or tuxedos. No flowers. No limos or caterers. Just you, me, and — if we decide on it — a few close family members or friends. My dad says just call and he’ll send a bit of money to help out with the expenses. No churches or ceremonies. Fifteen minutes and we’re done, married, and enjoying ourselves somewhere with refreshing bevvies in our hands! Weddings are too much work, are overpriced, and stress everyone involved with them to the max. Let’s relax, have fun, and remember the day instead of having it fly by. It’s not that I want to leave family & friends out, but it inconviences everyone. Gift buying, driving to the wedding, taking the time off work. We can send them pictures the day we marry. So, let’s elope!



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