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Face it.  I’m a busy person.  Work, grad classes, volunteering, Beer and Blog Elder Drunk, blogging, kitteh mom, and whatever else I decide to take on.  Hugh MacLeod coined a term on his blog, GapingVoid, this week:  The Overextended Class.  It’s when you’ve got your hand in every pot in the kitchen because you’re the sous chef and have to serve it up when the time is just right.  Granted, I don’t have 10 individual potentially full-time/profitable endeavours like Hugh, but I’m on a path of evolution.  There’s a reason why I jumped at the opportunity to relocate to Las Vegas, change roles, and help open a new (and HUGE) show. This is why I spent all day studying for the GRE in 2005 during the horrendous Florida hurricane season — and three months of mornings after they blew through. There’s a reason why I’m back in school and spending buku bucks for a master’s degree.  There’s a reason why I pour over blogs about knowledge management, metadata, CMSs, DAM, and digital data initiatives.  There’s a reason why I give up my Saturday afternoons to volunteer at the library.  There’s a reason why I maintain and incessantly tweak this blog beyond just a place to post thoughts and observations.

Trying to Evolve by Hugh MacLeod (@gapingvoid)
Trying to Evolve by Hugh MacLeod (@gapingvoid)

Yeah, there’s a lot of days I go without sleep.  I put my time into school so I can get where I want to be, and that often means going without all the fun activities Las Vegas has to offer.  And there are days when I feel it’s futile and I’m failing at every bit of it.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The failing means that I need to learn more. That I need to rethink my strategy. That another door has opened and option has presented itself. I’m evolving into some hybrid of information professional and social media maven, but I’m not sure in which capacity. And I’m not sure if I’ll ever stop evolving (always in beta!). I love every bit of this crazy existence.  As Mercury Rev sings in their song Snowflake in a Hot World :

Snowflake in a hot world
Don’t let them get to you
Don’t let them tell you
You’re all the same
*   *   *   *   *
Melting into something… bigger than you
Melting into someone… someone new

Yeah… someone new and something bigger. What and where is a mystery at this point, but I’ll know it when I find it.  But that doesn’t mean that my other passions of music, writing and painting are going to be left by the wayside once I’m out of school.  In fact, chances are the overextended state will persist for the rest of my life with the incessant need to create.



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  1. 2009/08/11

    If at first you don’t succeed – hey, call it version 1.0. 🙂

    Seriously, it sounds like things are crazy but that you’re all the better for it.

    I’m in your corner, always!

    • 2009/08/12

      Thanks, Suz! Hopefully once this production is in full swing, I’ll get an entire week off to visit the northeast and catch up with everyone.

    • 2009/08/12

      Thanks! Not quite sure if I’m ready for another 4 years of school after the last 3, but I’ll keep it in mind.

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