People are People

Working in the entertainment field places me in contact with the famous and superstars on a regular basis. I’ve been lucky to simply shake hands (Criss Angel), speak with (John Schneider and Warwick Davis), or give a tour of our stage (Anthony Daniels). Some I almost stepped on their head (Michael Jackson), or simply been thanked for holding a flashlight so they could see the steps better (Roy Disney). And I can’t begin to count the number of big-name bands that I designed or ran lights for their shows (DJ Skribble, NFG, Eric Benet, the Amazing Bacon Brothers…). Yet I’ve never asked for an autograph or picture. The reason why? They did their job, I did my job. Sure, they may hold fame and fortune, but they got there by doing their job and doing it well. We all simply work to live. Some simply tend to have more extravagant lifestyles than our own.



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  1. Eric

    What makes an actor different from the janitor? Just a career choice. When I used to come in contact with them frequently I learned that if you treated them like any other individual they tended to be much happier. They are just people that do a good job at their careers. The best actors almost relished treated like regular people. No entourage, and genuinely happy to be away from Hollywood (Pacino in particular relished hanging out with the guys next door at the meat packing plant, being treated like just a guy, and showing off pictures of his twin daughters). In the end they are just another person, guest, or patron. Why treat them any better or worse than anyone else?

  2. Sara Mooney

    Exactly. That was their life choice. This is my life choice. If they feel superior to me, then I don’t need to know them on a deep level. Thanks for the comment!

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