Ramble #1: Independence

I’ve been told by many people that I’m very independent. I do not disagree with them one bit! This year has not been very kind as of yet due to a number of issues which I will not disclose here (if you’re meant to know, you know already). Don’t get me wrong — it hasn’t all been bad, but there are many things that I’d like to do and am not able to for a myraid of reasons. Isn’t it amazing that the fact we are free still limits our actions of independence through natural limitations?

Ramble #2: Home

Home is where you long to be, even if it’s not where you’re living.

Ramble #3: The Past

Quite often society tells us not to look in the past and keep looking towards the future. However, there are times when the past provides clues and information to prevent future mistakes. On the eve of this country’s independence, our leaders need to look in the nation’s past for ideas on how to lead the country. This does not mean lies and deception, but hard work and honesty. I understand that history is mainly written by the rich and powerful with a definite old white man slant.

My own history provides me with many clues and road signs as to where to direct my life. At the same time, it also provides a yellow and red lights in events and situations to avoid. Why do I choose to ignore the signs when I know better?



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