Reading Shelves

… As opposed to reading books. For those who don’t know this term, it’s what library pages do in order to put the materials in order by Dewey or alphabet. I caught up on some reading today on the juvenile shelves at work (a mess after two weeks of child related chaos), and now catching up on some groups/blog reading. I think the thing that humored me the most was written by Roland Saint-Laurent on MySpace‘s Library Lover’s group:

“When I used to shelf read people knew better than to talk to me immediately afterwards, because I would always return looking either pissed off or sad. My friend brought that to my attention and I had no idea that it was so obvious. The reason for this was because I would always be deep in thought while shelf reading, both putting the books in order and thinking about the meaning of life. The best ideas I ever came up with usually resulted from shelf reading and killing the tedium of the task by coming up with various book ideas and philosophies. I hardly ever wrote these down.”

How true! I get so lost in thought after the first block. Thoughts fly in and out like random vowels in a Zen meditation. Then again, I do this while running followspot. After a task gets so repetitive, your mind needs something with which to work. I do not do well when idle. I tend to think of lines to poems that never fully form. There are files and notebooks filled with juxtaposed lines. One of these days they’ll form into a poem. This is why I need to get some type of Palm/portable device that easily connects to email/the net and runs a Word style program. There’s a lot of creativity inside that needs released. I need mental stimulation.



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  1. Anonymous

    you need mental stimulation
    i need communicative stimulation
    and maybe a new career as well
    7 plus years as a digital imaging tech ib a jib that brings ne absolutley no rewards out of life
    is a major issue to be brought to my attention..i don’t know yet what would truly make me happy..but i know it isn’t this hell

  2. Anonymous

    gee i must be tired
    that’s alot of spelling errors


    p.s. hope ya get a chance to glance at my deviant art page,,don’t add me to your blog
    i amnot one to stay for long on blog type sites

  3. Roland Saint-Laurent

    A whole hour of staring at these numbers will make you find something, ANYTHING to do that’ll make the time pass quicker. Since I’m on the customer service end of library work now, I don’t have the chance to space out and focus on these things anymore. I regret that, but then I remember the frustration of trying to organize a series of Chinese non-fiction books, and I don’t feel so bad.

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