Hard to believe that about half of the Team Challenge program is already behind me. Since the last update, I ran 17 miles the first week, including 6 miles along the Sligo Trail in beautiful Silver Springs, MD. The only annoyance with that run was that my sunglasses broke in my luggage, so the last mile uphill in the sun was not a lot of fun. This past week was a recovery week, covering 13 miles. I had a personal best time of a 13:40 pace (yes, per mile. Still slow, but I’m going without injuries) last Tuesday, and discovered on Friday night that I lost one whole pants size since starting this training! Also amazing: I see a two mile run, and I think, “Only two miles? Can’t we do three?”

It was also recommitment week, so I signed the papers to definitely finish the training and the race. Woot! Woot!


It’s not too late to donate! I need a minimum of $1,500 by race day on December 5, 2010, although it would be great to hit my $2,000 goal. I’m currently half way to the lower goal, or at 39% of my full goal. $777 to date. (Maybe I need to go play the slots since that number came up!) Thanks to everyone who supported this endeavor so far, and if not, there are a number of ways you can help me reach those goals:

    • Donate online via my donations page. There are no limits on the donation amount: anything from $1 on up are accepted, and know that 85ยข of every dollar goes directly to Crohn’s and colitis research.
      Buy a chocolate bar: HUGE Rocky Mountain chocolate bars in milk, dark, M&M-like candies, or krispies. $2.50 each.
      Like Sweet Tomatoes? Then come by the Las Vegas Flamingo & 215 location on Friday, October 29, from 5 to 8 p.m. Print out the flyer below, bring it with you that night, present it to the cashier (sorry, you can’t use any other coupons during this time, but a standard adult meal runs approximately $13-$14), enjoy your meal and drinks, and viola! you just donated 20% of your bill to CCFA. Simple, huh? Since there are two flyers on each sheet, give one to a friend!
  • Fun Raiser Flyer

    In other news, I was selected as one of ASIS&T’s New Leaders for 2010. I’ll be attending their conference at the end of this month, and serving on their membership committee for the next year. My mentor, Candy, seems like a really neat person, and I’m looking forward to getting a boost of inspiration from all of the super-intelligent ASIS&T members. If you have any suggestions of what to do/see/eat in Pittsburgh, let me know. I booked an extra day just to enjoy the fall weather and sights.

    And on that note, I’m spent and off to fold some laundry and then sleep.



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