Recovery Week!

Quick update: Only 10 miles this week. And a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who donated: 22% of my $2,000 goal is obtained. Yippee! The running is going great, and I finally broke into the 13:45 mile club. I’m hoping to keep those 14 minute miles at bay for the rest of my training, but only time will tell. Interestingly enough, I’m losing my ‘saddle bags’ — that extra baggage around the hips and upper thighs — and I’m rejoicing!

I’ll be selling Rocky Mountain Chocolate bars (milk chocolate and ones topped colored candies) for $2.50. Let me know if you’d like some! Also, as mentioned last week, there’s a bowling afternoon at South Point Casino. Cost is $25 for an individual ticket, $40 for two and includes 2 games and shoe rental. Please RSVP by October 3rd so that we reserve enough lanes to accommodate everyone!

CCFA Bowling Fundraiser at South Point Casino



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