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More about Loneliness

Since this is my blog, I bear full repeat visitation rights to any subject. On this New Year’s Eve, I’m once again exploring the idea of loneliness because of something that happened today. I believe that no person can truly know loneliness until they have been alone for an extended period of time. Living alone without a partner (and out of a parent’s house) gives a person true perspective on what they want in life and what they need from their partner. It does not happen in one 8-hour day. The feeling certainly can begin by missing a significant other. Loneliness most certainly is an outcome from months of an unsupportive or one-sided relationship. However this feeling occurs, one thing is for certain — it does not happen overnight, and it shouldn’t rule life. My personal take on the idea is that loneliness occurs out of fear — Fear of being alone, or fear of one’s self.



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