Ruby Tuesday

Macro Monday - Rolling Stones by Kit (practicalowl)Not that I program Ruby (trust me… I can learn enough to be dangerous and mess things up, but never enough to fix it myself), but Tuesday was certainly a gem of a day. Thank goodness for furry, four-legged alarm clocks. Had it not been for my cat, I may not have made it to work before noon since I was up way too late last night. Even so, I still missed half of my 8:30 meeting.

Today was clean-up from yesterday’s taxonomy changes, which required a double shot skinny vanilla latte to get the morning moving. It involved waiting for the items to be reclassified in the database, and once they did go live another site update took down the search. Needless to say, that took up a good chunk of the morning. The rest of the time was spent cleaning up different aspects of the site — landing page link updates (thank goodness for CMSs!), search term synonym path updates, helping the merchandise team clean up misclassified items, communicating the changes to the team, and everything else that goes along with a large-scale change like that. Two of us knocked out all of the needed IA changes a day ahead of schedule.

I have to say that I work with some pretty amazing and smart people that helped get this out and cleaned up in record time without breaking the site.

Also been doing some thinking about how I manage my employee(s) these days. As with any manager, there are some days of self-doubt: Am I doing this right? Well, I didn’t handle that quite right. If only I had said xxx instead. How can I challenge and grow my team? I always reflect on my first management experience a year or two out of college (round 2). I wasn’t ready for it. I stumbled a number of times and didn’t handle certain situations correctly. And I burned out on it super quick, so much so that the next job one of the main deciding points in taking it was that I wasn’t a supervisor or manager. Here I am, eight years later in a much different environment and with a heck of a lot more knowledge behind me (after round 3 of college), and I’m [mostly] enjoying this supervisory position. I want to see the people on my team grow and explore, and then bring new ideas and methods back to the team. I only hope that I can give them what is needed.

Step three of the taxonomy changes comes tomorrow in assisting the Merchandising team reclassify some items that were poorly classified the first time around.

Photo: Macro Monday – Rolling Stones by PracticalOwl and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0) license.



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