Running the Weeks Away

Angry Clock by  John Boxall (tronixstuff)
Angry Clock by John Boxall (tronixstuff on Flickr)

It’s sad when you can’t remember how many weeks you’ve been training. Is this week 4? Or is it week 5? Ahhh… who cares?!? I’m still running! Seventeen (17) miles total this week, and that includes a 6 mile run/walk and a 2 mile fun walk for FAAN on Saturday. I will admit, though, I was a big old slacker today and didn’t do any yoga or Pilates to cross train or stretch. I’m still super tired and I have way too much to do! Sometimes time is against you in training and life, and this was one of those weeks. And I think the ragweed was against me, too!

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. The amount on the website is not correct due to many offline donations over the past week. My family, friends, and coworkers are the best! I’m now at 35% of my $2,000 goal to support Crohn’s and colitis research. If you haven’t donated yet, why not come out for an afternoon of bowling at South Point Casino (RSVP by next Saturday 10/3 so we have enough lanes!), or buy a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory bar. New for this week: If you’re an active person, you need a Road ID! It ‘speaks’ for you in the event of an emergency where may not be able to speak for yourself. Any proceeds I receive from the Road ID affiliate link to the right (until 12/31/2010) will go towards my Team Challenge fundraising efforts. Also keep an eye out in October for some fun opportunities to donate while you eat a tasty meal. There’s still time to donate online, too!

On that note, I’m off to bed before another long week of work, training, and searching for a new car. Yep. My poor Saturn Ion officially needs work done on it that amounts to just over half of what the car is worth. So much for not having a car payment for once in my life.



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