Same City, Different Feeling

Once again, I’m back in Montreal, QC. Needless to say, the past 5 days have been very interesting. First, I’m traveling with a group of people from work. I’m staying in the Opus Hotel that I stayed at in March, but there isn’t over a meter of snow on the ground. In fact, the construction of their new restaurant/bar is complete and the doorman/valet even remembers me and is still helping me learn French. But the most interesting thing was the work retreat to Orford. Two days of meeting and team building exercises at Hotel Cheribourg. Normally, I’m the cynic who really does not like these kinds of corporate enemas, but this group of people and the setting made all the difference. We took a school bus up there (yes, it even said “Special” on the front), and enjoyed a wonderful woodsy setting. What made it so good is the fact that we took the time between sitting in the meeting room to go outside and move around. The first day included a “Lost” teambuilding exercise. Broken into 4 teams, we had to build a raft. And have it float. And race it! The coordinators threw in a lot of contingencies to see how each group reacted. I had fun, even though I don’t exactly enjoy being in charge of a group. I’ll do it if I have to, but it wouldn’t be the first choice of role. And the food! Three and four course meals… fish, seafood, pork, chicken… soups (all cream, which I’m not a fan of) and salads… bread… cheesecake, chocolate cakes, fruit… I gained back the 3 pounds I lost last week. Top the first day off with a campfire and toasted or flambĂ©ed marshmallows, and you have a good corporate meeting. Then again, I do work for a circus, so why would I expect our meetings to be normal!

Back in Montreal yesterday and today. Saw a guy wearing one black sock and one white sock on a balcony talking on his cell phone. I witnessed a group of students forming the first protest (or extremely large pub crawl) of the school year. Saw a policeman on a Segway-like trike riding in the bike lane. Witnessed a crazy man (or high, or both) wandering around outside of headquarters as I was leaving.

And then I went shopping. Finally got an argyle sweater that I wanted for so long. Nice and thin so that I can wear it in Vegas without roasting. And I even bought socks to match!

All said and done, though. I wish I wasn’t leaving tomorrow. I’d be getting that tattoo on Saturday if I was still here.



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