Saturn woes

Today — er, yesterday — I took my poor Saturn Ion 2 QC to the dealership to get the seal between the driver’s side door replaced. It’s been leaking for a few months, and progressively getting worse. The carpet behind the driver’s seat mildewed even in my diligence of getting as much water out of it as possible. Mind you, I waited for this part for a month. I get there, and there’s a bit of a wait to get helped (it was President’s Day after all). Not a problem. I made a service appointment last week when I called to verify that the part arrived. The very helpful customer service representative took the information, and got the car right in. She came back a half hour later to say they were going to get me in a rental car since the repair would take longer than expected.

The reason?

Manufacturing defect. The suicide door is concave in an area, which makes the seal not work in that area. It’s now at the body shop being fixed under warranty. I’m just concerned that the paint won’t match up since they had to fill that area in (!). This is in addition to the drip in the paint on the passenger front door, and the feeling that there’s something wrong with my A/C system as well. Every time I leave the A/C on and try to start the car, it sits there and shakes until I turn the vent system off. Couple that on top of 4 knocks about a mile down the road after I turn the A/C back on, and it makes me think the compressor or a relay is going bad! Every time I take it in, no problems are found with it…

I really liked my ’98 Saturn SC2 (ahh, the old purple people eater!). The solid build was so much better than the plastic that overtook the recent models. Couple that with GM’s current business practices, and I won’t buy another one unless the company turns around to where it was in the mid 1990’s. There’s no reason my car should have passed quality control. Not for the amount of money they charge.



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  1. Anonymous

    Hi! I followed the breadcrumbs to your blog from MySpace.

    I was pretty sure I’d never buy a GM product, but after reading your experience (and after hearing tales from others), I’m pretty sure I never will.


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