Ok… I’ve been using Skype on and off for the last 8 months or so. A few days ago I decided to sign up for the $14.95 for all outgoing calls package and also got an incoming number for job searching out west (!). Here’s the dilemma. I want to find a handset that I can attach to the computer that is MAC compatable. I’d love for it to be a normal, wireless handset with base that attaches via USB to the computer. Apparently the only ones that work with a Mac require a wire tether to the computer. I don’t deal well with that notion. I like to do too much around the house while talking on the phone! If any one knows of a handset (other than the $200 Wi-Fi models) that will work, please let me know. I think this is a great service, and I want to use it to it’s full potential. Thanks!



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