Slow down! I wanna get off….

The weeks blur behind me like I’m on some wild merry-go-round that I can’t get off. My sister finally married, my roommate took a new job, I interviewed (and passed over) for two jobs, and am finishing applications for grad school. In between, daily life plods along through mundane household tasks. These days I feel like Cinderella before the fairy godmother changed her life — grubby, unsexy, and downtrodden.

Being out of school for a while made the Statement of Purpose a challenge to write, no so much thematically but format and composition. It’s a matter of going from casual business communication to educational sales speak. Two different styles that utilize the same language. Two different audiences that require different information. It’s now done and fully customizable for any application that I see fit to send.

The full-time library job that pays a living wage still eludes me.

On the other hand, Scandinavia became today’s theme. After seeing Pirates 3 (ehhh… 1 and 2 were much better, but I only paid $5 for the movie), I walked to Virgin Megastore where I picked up Peter, Bjorn, and John’s “Writer’s Block” along with a few others that resided in the $10/$8 bins. Yeah, in that way I’m still a CD purist since I love the album artwork. Besides, when I burn it there’s no DRM and I can set the quality of the digital form. When I got home, I came across 12punt3, which I downloaded some computer wallpaper quite a while ago. I absolutely love Owl’Eye! And in Amsterdam, Spencer Tunick took photos of 2,000 naked people. Yay for Scandinavia!

On an upbeat note, I discovered PuppetUp! tonight on the TBS OnDemand channel. Hysterical. Puppets. Adult humor. And a Henson to boot!



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