Snow Daze

Bien, le jour deux de la formation est terminé. I’m slowly picking up some Québecois French. It’s been fun reminding myself that I need receipts for everything. And managing to walk through 25 cm of wind blown snow for dinner tonight. Freezing rain woke me up three times last night by pounding on the hotel window. Another storm is expected for the weekend. I’ve become very good at hailing a taxi, and the Tim Horton’s across the street is now my friend for hot chocolate and all things coffee. My hotel is quite hip and happening. In fact, it reminds me of the Doug Fir in Portland, OR. But they don’t have the night club/music hall. Yet (I hear that it’s slated to open this summer). Yesterday I made it to the underground city, RESO, to eat dinner and shop for snow boots. Which I found. And then managed to get lost trying to find my way back to the McGill Metro station. Yay!

And work? Yeah, that’s good as well. Still in the getting-to-know-you phase. I haven’t got into the meat & potatoes of the work as of yet, but that started a bit today and continues tomorrow. I’m just happy to find my way around the cubicle maze that is the Studios. Apparently, they’re trying to rent out an apartment for the remainder of my stay. Tomorrow I may take the bus/metro to work for something different, but it will take about an hour. We’ll see if I can wake up with my bearings in time to catch the train and bus… But for now it’s off to sleepy land after watching some French TV to get my brain adjusted to the language some more.



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