So, About That ‘No Injuries’ Thing…

Yeah. Had some really good runs last week, so good that I had a pace of 13 minutes flat for a three-mile run. Saturday was our long, 8 mile run for the week. The first four miles went great. I felt good, was pacing myself fine, and had tons of energy to complete it.

My Sartorius muscle apparently had other plans.

Yep. That nice, thin, ribbon of a muscle that connects from my hip to the inside of my knee decided to get tight and pull on a slight uphill climb just after the half-way point. And I mean slight uphill. Those of you from any place in the northeast would look at it and say, “That’s a hill?” I stopped, stretched it out the best I could, and started walking again. Started getting a bit faster and tried to jog without any luck. So I walked the rest of the way back. Luckily we had a doctor doing a stretching clinic that morning — and he had his table there — so he was able to work it out on the spot. Yay!

I’m still having some residual pain from it, and that’s why I’m taking it easy this week. Yesterday I only walked 1.5 miles, and tonight I tried jogging for 1.5 miles and walked 3 miles. Stretched out good after the walk, got home and used my foam roller to roll the rest of the knots out, showered, and now icing it down just above my knee while I enjoy the thunderstorms rolling through.

Fundraising update

Thanks to all the donors this week! I’m at $900, still $600 short of the minimum I pledged to raise for CCFA. But — there’s still time to give! I’d like to raise the last of the money by November 17th, so get a move on over to my donation site and give up that one cup of coffee (or more!) for the week. If you’re in Las Vegas, and want to help out in another way, I have 3 oz. candy bars for sale (milk chocolate with M & M-like candies, milk chocolate with krispies, and dark chocolate) for $2.50 each. Or you can join us on Friday, October 29th, at Sweet Tomatoes at Flamingo/215. Simply print out this flyer, purchase a meal and a drink, and hand it to the cashier. 20% of the sales from that go right back to CCFA. Any little bit is appreciated!

Sara's Juke
Sara's new Juke
In other news, my poor little Saturn Ion coupe is no more. Since she was going to cost over half her worth to repair, I traded her in [sniff!] on a Nissan Juke. Took six hours from when I walked in the door until the time I drove off the lot, but it was worth the haggling for 3.9% financing and a great price on the vehicle. For those of you that know me, this is a huge step since I despise Nissan drivers! They always seemed to be the ones to cut me off or drive like idiots on the highway. So, if you see me doing that, please let me know. I don’t want to be one of those drivers.



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