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Week #15: Depth of Field by Kicki HolménI’m done.

Apologies for the delay in posting. Was to have gone out last Friday night… I mis-scheduled it. So… a few weeks later here’s the last post in Librarian Day In the Life #7.

Thursday and Friday turned my mind to mush. Complete and utter can’t-think-too-full blob of jelly. Thursday started out okay. Fairly calm. A few emails, but nothing out of the ordinary. The new hire class ambushed us with the standard Nerf gun wars, but no where as good as last month (Yes, this really is my workplace)! Found out that ‘tizzy’ is not a commonly understood word, especially when asking about database compatibilities. We had an ‘inning’ over lunch — two hours of team building with the UX group, this time by watching “Hot Tub Time Machine.” Food was provided (yum! Ziti, salad, and garlic knots). By 2 p.m., the easy morning took a sharp 180º turn. A ‘Hang on to your seats, boys and girls. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!’ few days ensued.

I wish I had a dollar for everytime I thought or wrote something along the lines of, “Yes. That’s in there. Please open your eyes!” All the emails were things that had been previously answered or rather obvious. Also was trying to troubleshoot a new facet that was created but for some reason wasn’t surfacing on the site. By 5 p.m., I realized that I wasn’t winning with either one of those tasks, but I wasn’t leaving work until 6 p.m. (yay, Team Challenge alumni 4 mile run w/ a froyo break!). Since we have another 2 UX people starting in a few weeks, I moved over to the adjacent desk to make room for them.

That threw everyone for a loop on Friday morning. I had a few coworkers comment that they thought I picked up and left. After the standard 8:30 a.m. meeting, it was time for breakfast and then the weekly team touchbase meeting. Of course there was a meeting room thief that left us scavenging for another room (this is commonplace for a company that’s quickly outgrowing its facilities!). Had a good talk with my one employee about wishes for our yet-to-be-selected team member. And the morning was interrupted by the new hire class graduation class. They deserve it, though. Everyone — regardless of your position — goes through a month of the same training, with just over 2 weeks on the phones taking orders. To make it through with your sanity in tact is quite the reason for celebration, especially if you dislike the telephone (like me!).

Hiring pretty much consumed the rest of my day. A quick meeting with the recruiter to see how we wanted to proceed with the open position. Organizing questions for initial phone screenings. Creating questions for in-person interviews. Screening applicants. All of that ultimately required more tea because it was overcast and grey outside. Monsoon season returned to Vegas with a vengeance this year — humid every day this week, and rain most days, too. But it was Friday, so that meant beer! Beer Fridays pretty much rock — even if I don’t drink beer. Much more of a cider gal.

Drove home. Made a homemade pizza, and munched on it while I looked for a flight / hotel accommodations for ASIS&T 2011 conference. End week. Early to bed. I was exhausted!

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