Stupid Me

Are we really experiencing a “dumbing” of United States of America’s citizens? Or is it just fear instilled upon us by the mechanisms of studies and governmental inquiries that we (as a collective) are starting to believe? If you look at our culture compared to the rest of the world, we take advantage of many opportunities that people in other countries do not possess. We have the right to an education through grade twelve. Many people do not utilize it to the fullest extents. Entertainment and material possessions quite often take prescedent over knowledge or conventional intellect.

I’m not so sure that U.S.A.’s general public is as unintelligent as the media would lead you to believe. What’s most likely happening is that we are told time and time again that we are stupid and not able to make decisions for our country and we’re believing it. The government won’t put certain laws or bills on ballots because, “the public won’t understand it.” Cases are never tried in courts because of our “stupidity.” Children hear time and time again that they aren’t as good as the Chinese or Indians (the country, not Native Americans) at mathematics or technology. These are only the tip of the iceberg.

What would happen if, for once, our leaders would believe in the country and its citizens? What if they treated us like the rational, intelligent, diversified people that we are? Would morale increase? You bet! Would the government/miliatry ever shut down all foreign soil bases and put the money back into education and streamlining our political hierarchy? Hell no, but wouldn’t it be nice if they did…



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