The Aristocrats

In my infinite wisdom last night before I retired for the night, I purchased a ticket to see a screening of The Aristocrats. You will not find this film at your big name chain theatres because A) it is unrated and B) well, it’s “offensive” due to the language although it does not include any sex or violence. So support your local indie-film theatre and go see it (unless you object to foul language). Executively produced by Penn Jilette (of the famous Penn & Teller duo) and Paul Provenza, the film asks close to 100 comedians their take on their take of the industry joke. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of getting to the punchline. Many times I thought that my drink was going to spontaneously manifest itself through my nose and on to the seat in front of me. Among the footage, stars like Hank Azaria, Drew Carey, Carrot Top, Eric Idle, Gilbert Gottfried, The Amazing Jonathan, and Robin Williams provide their explanation of what makes the joke so timeless. The most amazing rendition has to be Bob Sagat’s over-the-top telling of the tale. Who ever thought the squeaky-clean Full House dad had a penchance for adult humor in a darkly distrubing manner? A deck of cards is used by one comedian to tell the story, and a mime also portrays it in his own special way. And of course the boys from South Park make an appearance as well. I can’t explain any more without dropping the funniest lines, and — trust me — I do them no justice! It’s just what I needed to help get through another long week at work…



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