The beginning

Today became day 1 of packing. I went through some bins in the garage, managing to get my Christmas collection down to 3 boxes (not including the 2 bins for tree ornaments). The sporting goods made it into a bin. I’m glad that when I moved in October I did a mass clean-out of a lot of things. The kitchen is started to be packed up, with the glasses and dishes in boxes. I need to get the big kitchen items in next, including all of the Pyrex bakeware. I’m a big fan of the Pyrex since it doesn’t stain easily and holds up much better than anything made out of plastic. Now I’m working on my paper that’s due Thursday while getting the cat readjusted to his harness in preparation of the cross-country drive. He’s not very happy about it, and still doing the low crawl even though he’s got plenty of room to move.

I can’t seem to find the motivation this semester for my research methods class. Not only does it not interest me, but the professor doesn’t seem to communicate the ideas effectively. I learn more by reading the book, and class time sometime confuses me more. I see the purpose of the assignments, but the tediousness gets on my nerves. Besides, does it really take a month to grade the first assignment? Arrgh… Blackboard is so frustrating, too. Maybe I’ll read the chapter and then finish the paper tomorrow morning. Too much to do and it’s time to focus on one task and get it done. I choose to focus on sleep!



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    i knew somone that moved to canada and had the worst experience with being treated i really hope you don’t have any major problems in regards to your allergies…but maybe the nevada air will do you good



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