The Caress Girls Night Out

Caress Girls Night Out Las Vegas
Caress Girls Night Out Las Vegas

Last Friday night, thanks to Caress and Julie, I had the opportunity to participate in a Vegas Girls Night Out. FABULOUS!

As many of you know, I’m not a girly-girl. Sure, I can glam it up if need be, but I’m much more of a jeans and t-shirt girl. That being said, I was so excited to spend the night with the ladies partying the night away. My checking account was happy since I had already purchased a dress from my favorite designer during last month’s shopping trip with Laura (who also kindly allowed me to use the picture!). The night out also forced me to weed out my makeup. The few bottles of nailpolish I owned turned into glue, and I really didn’t trust any of the mascara I owned. Off to the local makeup store on Thursday morning to find they were running a special: buy $18 worth of certain products and receive a free bag of other cosmetics free. Two nail polishes, a mascara, and lipliner later, I’m stocked for the next year or more! Gave myself a mini manicure and pedicure that night after work and managed not to mess up or chip the nails until well after the event. For me, this is a serious feat of accomplishment.

Friday rolls around, and I have two hours to get ready before the limo is to arrive. Showered with the Caress Whipped Soufflé Body Washes with Silky Fragrance Infusion in White Peach Cream, which I love since it doesn’t dry out my skin. This is very, very, very important living here in the desert. Did the normal post-shower things, the makeup, and hair, and still had time to spare.

The limo arrived stocked with Caress Velvet Bliss Body Wash in Blackberry and Vanilla Essence for each of us. We were off to the club for some great times, great music, and great drinks with great friends. I arrived home as the sun was rising, just in time to sleep for 3 hours before getting up for the state library conference. Yeah, it was a fabulous night with the girls!

Thanks again to Caress for sponsoring our Las Vegas Girls’ Night Out!

DISCLOSURE: Please read this for the full disclosure statement.

Update 2010-08-21: Julie posted this video about her Caress GNO experience:

Also, another thought about the new Caress Whipped Souffle body wash:

I love the product, and I love the raindrop design of the bottle. I’ve been using this body wash for over a week and it doesn’t dry out my skin.  However, the design of the dispenser lid drives me nuts. When closed, the lid flap sits flus with the rest of the cap, and the dispenser area is recessed. Because of the tiny area that’s recessed for the cap, the body wash often gets caught on the lip or face of the lid, making the area quite messy. My wish would be for just a little bit larger cover so that the body wash made it to my bath pouf instead of on the lid!



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    I'm so happy you came along and had a great time!

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