The Library Hotel

Some people love the library so much, they decided to turn it into a hotel! The Library Hotel features 6,000 volumes of books, and each room has a Dewey Decimal theme. On a look of the hotel’s website, they claim it to feel more “like a private club than a hotel.” With a location on Madision Ave. and 41 St., they’re right in the thick of things — The New York Public Library, Broadway, Midtown, Grand Central, and Times Square are a quick walk away. And what’s not to like? They offer get away packages as well (can you say Erotic Lit room or the Love room? Woo-hoo!). I think I’ll need to check this place out next time I’m in NYC!

Quick Note: I learned something today! The Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) actually owns the trademarks for the Dewey Decimal Classification. Who’da thunk?!?



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  1. Mercurywaxing

    I’ve been there. It’s quite the nice little place. I’d love to be in one of the more esoteric rooms.

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