The SuperHappy Party

In my search and quest to finish my voter registration in Nevada I decided to double check that the Green Party (go ahead, bring on the hippy taunts…) is recognized in this state. It is, and there’s even a state chapter based out of Reno. Well, through this search I also saw that Nevada recognizes the SuperHappy Party. I cannot make this up. Curiosity may kill me one of these days, but I decided to look at their by-laws, and then followed to their home page. They appear to have undergone a metamorphosis of types… the page displayed is for the Robot Party. Apparently they now stand for heterosexual women (We will condition all heterosexual males to like women better…) having wealth and education. In fact, everyone will be wealthy and robots do all the work. And the connection to the nameSuperHappy Party is finally found in item five in their constitution. The best part, however, comes on their SuperHappyStrategies page:

The Robot Party encourages all candidates to dress in Superhappy Costumes while running in elections and after winning elections, they encourage the candidates to always dress in superhappy costumes while in their public office positions.

Uh, yeah. The site makes me smile, but every day as Halloween? I think my sweet tooth would give up after a week. I wish I were making this up… no really… go read it for yourself!



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