The Trammel

Let me start by saying a quick word about Katrina. Please help these people out in whatever way you can (housing, water, meals, financial donations to charities, well thoughts, etc.). After my experience 100 miles inland from three hurricanes, I have a rough idea of what these people are going through. It is terrifying to think that everything is gone and to have no one to turn to for help. In my opinion, the government did not do everything it could to prepare for Katrina to make landfall. Everyone knew that she would strike the Gulf coast somewhere, and two days before landfall forecasters warned that it was as big as 2004’s Frances. At that point, trucks should be packed and relief personnel mobilized to a “safe” area for a quick recovery to the potentially affected area. I know that hurricanes are fickle, but there are warnings today for a reason. So, hopefully we, as a country, learn and plan for next time before it’s too late.

I titled this entry “The Trammel” for a reason. In my current situation, I feel caught like a fish in a net. Restraint rules all actions for reasons I still have yet to discover. Times like these I want to tell the world to fuck off, take the day off, and live without inhibitions. In essence, break out from the confines and expectations the civilized world places upon each one of us. I want to be the kid with the chalk spilling my dreams on the sidewalk for all to see, then taking the garden hose to wash them away and recreate them over and over again. Like a hurricane, I, too, am a fickle creature, ever changing with whatever the waves and wind send to me. I wonder: Am I doomed to live a fleeting existence, only to be extinguished by energy sucked out of me by others?



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