There’s No Place Like Home

I’m on my way back from a week in my hometown, visiting family and friends. It’s been a great time catching up with everyone, especially people that I haven’t talked to in person for 5 or more years.

The highlight of events:

  • Toy Story 3 with Mom and nephew. We only saw the 2D version because he doesn’t like things popping out of the screen at him. Amazingly he was engrossed in the movie the entire time.
  • The Four County fireman’s parade, which was the longest parade ever! Over an hour and a half with over 50 emergency vehicles, two clans of pipers and the Rajah Oriental Band (for those of you who are unfamiliar, they’re adivision of the Shriners which is comprised of Masons. It’s a rather rich and fun heritage). My nephew enjoyed it, as evidenced by his yelling, “THANK YOU!” and emphatic waving to many of the firefighters.
  • Cleaning the excess glueThe C.F. Martin Guitar factory tour. The tours are free, and they take you right out into the factory where they are working on the guitars. Most of the process is still completed by hand, although they do utilize a number of LASER cutters for stock guitars. Custom guitars are still done by hand, and you can see pictures of from the tour on Flickr.  I now want a custom guitar, thankyouverymuch.
  • The annual family reunion. They day was stupidly hot and humid, and thankfully we hold it at a pool.  I spent at least an hour in there catching and throwing my nephew into the water. I did get to catch up with many relatives that I only see once a year, and my never-slowing-down great aunt taught all of us the Cupid Shuffle. Although I didn’t have any luck playing bingo this year since I apparently had the most unlucky card. Only won one round for yet another pad of paper!
  • Spent the night at the never-slowing-down great aunt’s place. Ended up helping a cousin with the layout for her poster session. Nothing like design by committee between 5 people. The reason why I stayed over was…
  • Getting up to meet Bob, a mentor and friend that goes back to my undergrad days. He took me around the George T. Harrell Health Sciences Library at the Penn State University Hershey Medical Center where I met a number of people. I spoke with Marie (a departing Reference Librarian) and Elaine (a Library Assistant who used to work at LVCCLD). All of them gave me great insight to the operations of a medical library and hints on skills needed to work in such a place. Unfortunately, the director was not in the office that day. From there, I went back to my undergrad school…
  • Elizabethtown College. Met up with my friend Scott. First time on campus in over 10 years. Lots has physically changed, but a number of the faculty has not. Barry is still the Chapel’s TD, and Dr. Gillis is still there but now the chair of the Communications department. Great conversation as we meandered all over the campus.
  • Historical Philly with Inga. Took the SEPTA train so that we’d have time to talk and not have to fight traffic or for parking. First was the Reading Terminal for drooling, lunch (yay! a real cheesesteak with the proper roll!), and ice cream at Bassett’s. We then walked down to the National Liberty Museum, which is very economical for families ($7 for adults, $5 with AAA) and teachers (FREE!). The museum explores the teachings of liberty, freedom, and tolerance. It’s four floors of exhibits and they have a great Chihuly chandelier that can be seen from two floors. It’s also kid-friendly with lots of videos and activities for them.

Other highlights: Rita’s Italian Ice, Yocco’s hot dogs, pierogies, homemade whoopee pies… it’s amazing I’m not 250 lbs right now!

But besides the food, I think I keep getting drawn back to the east coast because of my family and friends. This isn’t to say that I don’t have a great group of friends in Vegas or wonderful acquaintances in PDX, but my folks aren’t getting any younger. I also think that it’s a bit of a sign that many of the jobs I’m seeing advertised are in the mid-Atlantic region. So I apply, and apply, and apply in hopes of finding a job by the time my contract expires.

Clicking my heels together three times…

Wearing my bronze Allrounders (sorry, I don’t own ruby slippers)…




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