This is my New Year’s resolution

The first installation of Unshelved hit my inbox today. For all of you not familiar with this comic, it follows a handful of library people through their experiences. Quite funny, if you ask me. And scary to a point since most of it is right on the money.

Speaking of Mac computers, here’s something interesting to note. If you use a Harmony multi-item programmable remote control and use it to control your iPod, it may interfere with your computer. My roommates were trying to program theirs with that set-up tonight, and every time he’d try to turn the iPod on, it would send my iMac to sleep. I rebooted three times before I realized what was happening. Yay for IR technology.

I also spent some time thinking about resolutions. I resolve to do a lot of things, but I can’t say that I make all-encompassing decisions based on one day. I don’t need to lose weight. I could be in better shape, but I’m not unhealthy or overweight by any means. I don’t smoke or drink. I do know that plans change. As much as I say that I am going to be enrolled for my MLS fall of next year, I don’t know that for sure. I’m trying my hardest to make that happen, but things can change. The future is a giant unknown that causes re-examination of situations every day. Change is good. It’s just something with which needs to be coped.



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