Training Week 1 Update

Running Shoes by Timothy Takemoto
Running Shoes by Timothy Takemoto

I realized today at work that I’m a big slacker and never posted my weekly Team Challenge update. I’ve been working on corporate fund raising packets, flyers for the upcoming bowling afternoon, and a few other career related items. Guess I found something to fill all my new-found (and short-lived) free time…

The first full week went fairly well: eleven miles over four days, with the longest distance being 4 miles. I ended up with some shin splints after Monday and Tuesday’s runs, so I went online to find some strengthening exercises and good hamstring stretches (mine have always been tight). Also started doing yoga or Pilates twice a week again since I think that my hips are slightly out of whack again — as evidenced by the stiffness in my hips during tonight’s run.

I also decided to go to Fleet Feet Sports to make sure I was wearing the correct shoes. My feet have never been analyzed as much as they were there! Measurements for length and width, where my big toe joint was located sitting and standing, how it rolled as I walked… the works. Turns out my “old” shoes were good (having less than 200 miles on them!), but probably a bit wide and caused my foot to slide around. That may be at least part of the reason why I got shin splints.

But everything is going great. I’m slow, not having cracked the 14 minute mile as of yet. Fundraising is also still getting started. To date, I raised 8% of my $2000 goal! Thank you to those who have already contributed.  If you’re a Vegas local, look for opportunities to eat at Sweet Tomatoes and a bowling afternoon at SouthPoint to help raise money for Crohn’s and colitis research. I’ll also be selling chocolate bars, too!

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