Transporation fun!

Even though riding public transportation is quite nice (I’m enjoying not fighting with traffic!), it provides some very interesting experiences as well. Take, for example, the old gentleman who I encountered upon departing the subway yesterday. I was looking at the map just to make sure I knew where I was headed, and he asked if I was lost. I replied, no. I knew where I was headed. The rest of the conversation goes like this:

“I can take you there.”
“Merci, No. I’m fine.”
“You’re not from Montreal, are you?”
“Where are you from?”
“Florida.” (damn… I shouldn’t have answered this.)
“Oh. Which hotel are you staying at?”
“I’ve gotta go.”
“What? You don’t know which hotel you stay at?”

At this point I turn and walk away. The guy creeps me out.

Encounter deux. The bus I ride back to the hotel is full of regulars. Including one rather round gentleman who joins the passengers at the second stop. By this time, most — if not all — the seats are full. The round man insists on standing next to me. Every day. No matter what seat I’m in. And then he runs to the front when a certain seat is empty. Freaky.

Encounter trois. One of the stops after work, a passenger holds up the line arguing that another passenger is “Schtupid. He’s a schtupid pershon. Schtupid. Schtupid. Very schtupid.” I don’t know if he was paranoid schizophrenic or drunk, but I was glad when he got off the bus.

And then there’s the finding out where to stand to best get a place on the subway train. I learned the first car is never full. Ever. Everyone packs into the middle and is too lazy to walk to the front. So if I make it in time, I’ll go there. And hope that the crazies don’t follow me.



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  1. Mercurywaxing

    Encounter 1: My friend studied in Toronto for a year and this happened to her all the time. If she stopped to check a map someone, inevitably an older gentlemen, asked her where she was from and if he could help her get there. She eventually got used to it. Her belief was that half of them were really trying to be helpful. The other half were hoping to either meet a pretty girl (she was pretty) or possibly take a kidney – in a polite Canadian way, of course.

    Encounters 2-3: Come join me on the Brooklyn bound N or R Train some time. Those folks would be the normal ones. It gets really interesting just after 1am. Then there is the rush hour bar car… *shudder*

    Finally, that trick works for every train everywhere. Depending on the position of the train in the station the rear car is often even better because nobody can be bothered to walk that far.

  2. Sara Mooney

    Hmmm… maybe there’s a necessity for needing the weird on the metro. I encountered the same thing in Portland as well. Are they cloned?

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