United’s New Baggage Policy

Uh… yeah. Limiting luggage. Great idea for those who over pack. Not a great idea for those of us who get shipped off on business coach class for months at a time. And remember: That one bag cannot exceed 50 pounds (at one point I was told that this was an OSHA regulation, but I can’t find any evidence on their website) or you get walloped for another $25+. I’m sure it all comes down to fuel costs, but really? Why not give incentives to those people who only check one bag? A free snack. Bonus miles. Something. Anything. Yet another reason to fly any airline but United Airlines. The explanation below was found on Travelocity, and the link I placed in there goes right to the horse’s mouth.

United Airlines Announces New Checked Bag Policy

United is announcing a new checked bag policy for customers who purchase nonrefundable domestic economy tickets. For customers who have at least Premier status in Mileage Plus or Silver status with Star Alliance, there are no changes to the number of bags they can check for free. Customers who purchase nonrefundable domestic economy tickets and do not have status in Mileage Plus or Star Alliance may check one bag for free and a second bag for a $25 service fee. For all customers, the cost to check a third or fourth bag, depending on their status, will be $100 per bag. Previous charges ranged from $85-$125 per bag. The cost to check items that require special handling because they are large, overweight or fragile will now be either $100 or $200, depending on the item.

This new checked bag policy applies for travel beginning on May 5, 2008, within the U.S. and to/from Canada, San Juan, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas, and the service fee to check a second bag only applies to tickets purchased on or after Feb. 4, 2008. Customers may pay this service fee at an airport Easy Check-InSM kiosk with a credit card or at the check-in counter with a credit card, check or cash. For itineraries that include international flights (except Canada), checking a second bag will continue to be free and the cost to check more than two bags or items that are overweight or require special handling varies by destination.



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