Kilimanjaro by Stig NygaardSo I set myself some interesting goals at the end of 2012. Figured it was about time to give everyone a bit of an update.

Goal: Get Healthy.

That’s coming along just fine. I’ve dropped 2% body fat since October, and I’ll be competing in my first indoor triathlon on Sunday. Most nights and then the weekends at the gym. I have a pretty rounded plan for swimming, biking, and running. Throw in 2-3 days of weights, and I feel better about how I look.

Unfortunately, I’ve also been dealing with fatigue since around the same time. Working with my doctor to figure out what’s causing it. Trying one plan of attack for 6 weeks, and if that doesn’t clear it up, we’ll try another route. Slow process, but the body needs about that much time to adapt to a new diet.

Goal: Figure out what I want to do.

Slowly getting there. I’m a person that likes new challenges. I like to help people, but sometimes working with people drains me. Talk about a dichotomy to overcome. Small groups are good. No closer to what I want to specialize in since I’m highly distracted by all of these different job titles with seductive words like information, content strategy, navigation, ontologiesresearch, and personas. Which, pretty much tells me that I’m still solidly in the Information Architecture realm.

Recently at work, I’ve been able to take on a bit of UX design in addition to my IA/taxonomy responsibilities. It’s fun, because I do like designing. However, I struggle with those emotional connections you’re supposed to create to entice / encourage the trust or continuation of the process. That emotional stuff? Never been really good at those types of connections, even in real-life. Translating that on to a screen? Ouch. Painful for me. Especially since design was one of those things I did on the side for fun, now it’s an every-day task (but task isn’t quite the right word since I do enjoy parts of it, like typography and color selection…). Which, again, pretty much tells me that I should be solidly in the Information Architecture realm.

But, that line between IA and UX is so muddled right now that many people can’t see the difference between them.

The other thing that’s caught my interest as of late is the impact of external trends on eCommerce. Think along the lines of If the price of cotton goes up on the commodities market, that impacts the price of manufacturing, which then impacts retailers and finally the consumer. How much does that price have to jump for the consumer to not want to buy products made from cotton because the price is too high?

Yep. Big Data. Lots of data to sift through to find patterns.

Still not any closer to figuring out the consultant v. in-house. Both have benefits and drawbacks. And, at this point, unwilling to give up some security of a paycheck & benefits to try out consulting.

In many ways, still wandering. I know that I’m in the right area of the woods, but haven’t found what I’m looking for quite yet.

Goal: Find my personal Mount Kilimanjaro.

No movement on this. In many ways, it goes along with figuring out what I want to do. And finding my professional passion — besides having clean data with which to work. That’s an ongoing fight in ANY information profession at this point!

Photo: Kilimanjaro by Stig Nygaard on Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.



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  1. 2013/03/02

    Hmmm…. I want to figure out what I "want to do" as well… In my career, in my personal life… it's just hard! 🙂

    • Sara Mooney

      Life is like a maze. You find some beautiful diversions along the way, but you never know until you follow that path if it was a red herring!

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