Web 2.0 thoughts

A quick thought on Web 2.0 before I retire for the night:

Isn’t the internet/web following the same path as all other human-developed technological communications? Take a look at the telephone: First it started of as the telegraph, a one-way communication. The same thing occurred with the ‘net — it was a one way path to get digital information from here to there. Next came the telephone with its party lines. I equate to the early mainstream internet days where college students would huddle in front of terminal screens to MUD or go to computer labs and look at the internet on Mosaic. The technology was still too expensive for the masses so they shared. The telephone eventually became a common form of social interaction (how many times have you been told, “I’ll call you”?), just like the internet is now a forum for mass-two way communication. The masses can now afford it. Human conversation is one of the most basic forms of communication. The Internet is simply an extension and a tool for it.



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