End Of The Week

Another week comes to an end. Hard to believe that it’s already the end of January, and it’s the end of the second week at Zappos. But life is good — I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In some ways, Friday seemed like a waste of a day. We didn’t have many taxonomy requests, we were waiting on information on page set-ups, and I spent the morning creating test pages in the Drupal CMS. I learned what a “Lunch and Learn” session is all about, and realize that I should attend the next one since it will help me understand the different parts of what we do much better. I’m a big proponent of understanding what your co-workers do, even if you can’t do their job. It builds mutual respect and helps to foster efficient team work by playing on people’s strengths.

Found out I was supposed to get paid on Thursday for my first week, but things weren’t ready in the system. So, they’ll cut the check in the afternoon. Not a big problem since I received my last paycheck and vacation payout from Cirque du Soleil. Then realized I wouldn’t be around to pick up the check since we had an off-site meeting that afternoon. Oh, well. I’ll get it Monday.

I debated hitting the Gowalla Airstream at The District over lunch. Should’ve. Could’ve. Didn’t. Kicking myself in the pants for not going.

The afternoon was spent off-site in a session. The goal? To figure out what works and doesn’t work in the Ux department. It seemed to be a very productive afternoon (not having anything else to judge this against!), and there are committees formed to place some of the ideas into action. I work with some amazing and very creative people.

Ended the day by picking up a new inhaler, and taking a walk around my condo complex. I did want to go to the Cosmopolitan to see Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears, but I sacked out on the couch. I’m getting old when a free concert at 10 p.m. is too late to go out!

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