Workhorse Wednesday

You're A Totally Smart Great Groovy Workhorse! by [F]oxymoron on Flickr

Mid-week. Hard to believe that half the week is now behind us. A fairly normal day overall, even if most of the day was spent concentrating on cleaning up after the taxonomy changes. A few items didn’t play nicely with the reclassification script, so we had to open up the affected brands so they could be fixed. Which is okay for one or two brands, but takes most of the day for a list of 150+ brands. The good thing is that it’s a four click process to disassociate what we opened up today.

Also discussed some left-hand navigation components that for some reason aren’t showing up on the site. That, too, is pending more investigation because it’s a great mystery for both my group and the Search team. ETA: Unknown.

And it really didn’t get too much more exciting than that. A great team lunch at a mighty tasty little Vietnamese restaurant to celebrate finishing the IA part of the taxonomy change aftermath a day early. A happy hour to celebrate the release of two parts of the websites a few weeks back. So, work, food, and fun makes for a good day at work.

Photo: You’re A Totally Smart Great Groovy Workhorse! by [F]oxymoron and used under a Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.



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