You say goodbye and I say hello…

Well, Grandma Frances has passed by central Florida, clearing the path for cousin Ivan to come barreling our way! Damage between both Charley and Frances was minimal. We lost a section of fence on Sunday night (started by Mr. C and finished by Ms. F), and water started to come in under the front door jamb. I wasn’t too surprised by this since the rain pounded the front of the house for two and a half days. A few towels quickly took care of the impending mini-flood. Apparently a few things also hit the front window during the night (the roommates heard the noise since I sleep like a rock). The worst part of the hurricanes besides the repeating news reports was being cooped up in the house for three days. There is only so much GameCube, computer, reading, and cards you can take before you long to go outside the house. I guess that’s why the surfers are out there immediately before the storm hits!



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