Zude, pt. 2

Now that I’ve had more brain cells to devote to figuring out Zude, it’s an okay little program. It works off of CSS, but you really don’t need to know how it works to use the interface. The real functionality comes in the advanced settings. Use them! In that way, it’s still a bit more involved than drag-n-drop. But, as much as it frees creativity, for me it stifled it. I believe I’m better at taking a bit of existing code and manipulating it into something I like. I don’t mind the coding end of it all, and I like keeping my creative avenues and styles open. The limited styles of borders hindered me (I like to adjust the point size). Right clicking got annoying, as did needing to right click on certain areas of objects to see the menu. So, my opinion: Great if you know nothing of HTML or web page building; a bit backwards and tedious if you already code.



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  1. Steve Repetti


    Thanks for trying Zude. I hope our continuing effiort to enhanced the product will keep you interested. Regarding the borders, their are actually unlimited options, including size, background color, and background image. This is in the form of the padding property. In this regard we certainly need to do a better job of demonstrating the available functionality and enhancing usability. As for “hand” coding — we sure hope that everyone that writes code will continue to do so and then realize that all they need to do is drag and drop it into Zude (directly as code or via referencing an external source file) to receive all of the benefit of Zude while mantaining all of the functionality of your own code. Thanks again.

  2. Steve Repetti

    Oh, and, wow! I should learn to proof read my blog posts before I hit submit!

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